Who is an artist? A person who learns different arts? No! A person who has understanding of all the subjects and all the topics around him. He must have understanding…not knowledge. He learns from his surrounding not from books.

He must understand mathematics when drawing a center of the canvas board. An artist must understand chemistry to know types of colours and its types i.e oil paint, water colour, glass colour, oil pestle etc. An artist must have understanding of physics to know which material stick on which in order to make murals and sculpture.  He must have understanding of biology to be able to draw anatomy. He must have understanding of botany to beautify his arts with natural beauties. He must have understanding of psychology when painting portraits and filing emotions in them. He should understand the history when recreating any famous art piece.

          In short an artist needs to have understanding of almost everything that every other person knows.   It takes years to be an artist because it takes years to understand all these subjects. And once he knows that an artist doesn’t need fancy tool for his work, he can create a masterpiece even with a toothpicks.

I never called myself an artist. I never thought I am. even now I think I am learning so many things from my surround. I have a roller that I don’t use in the kitchen it’s my craft tools. I have a set of knives that I love more than any expensive kitchen knives set. I have a lighter that I don’t use to turn on the gas.  I have pearls which I use for my art works and these are equally important as a pearl necklace. I am a photographer when I am clicking pictures of my artworks, just to make them stand out in other 1000 others. I am a social media expert when I am promoting my Channel. I am a plumber when I am using m-seal for my so many bottle arts. And I am a scientist when I am experimenting with techniques and tools.

           Fear of acceptance is always very difficult. As a lawyer, people around me were expecting from  me to be in black coat but, I was born with full of colors. I never had that courage to put myself so confidently, but now I can proudly say that, “YES I AM AN ARTIST AND I KNOW THINGS”. (Like Tyrion 😉 )

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  1. Beautifully written, amazing words. Loved it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Well done Artist Madam. Keep
    It up…. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 You are an Artist and you know the Things 😊

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