How To Make A Beautiful Antique Bottle Decoration


This was my first bottle art video for my channel Shnik Arts. I have made antique bottles before, but there was a different procedure as other bottles used to be of dark colour. This time I got a wine bottle which was transparent and I really wanted to utilize its transparency. To highlight the transparency you have to use dark colours for the design you make on it. Following is the picture of the bottle I made. Let’s see what is the procedure and what material we need.

Material required is 

1. Transparent wine bottle

2. Popsicle sticks

3. Black M-seal

4. Tissue papers

5. Hot glue gun

6. Golden lace 

7. White glue 

8. Acrylic black, acrylic golden and metallic bronze colours.

9. Brush

Whenever you are making a bottle art, first task is to remove the stickers of the bottle. If they are plastic, they can be removed easily and they can be removed in whole. But if they are made of paper, then you need to put the bottle in the hot or warm water for a while, then only you can remove the stickers easily. Otherwise the sticker removing becomes a hectic task. After removing the sticker, clean the bottle with wet tissue to remove any glue or dirt.

Paste tissue papers with white glue and water at the top and the bottom of the bottle. Let it dry for an hour.


Now mix 2 portions of M-seal properly. Make a long line with white glue on the bottle where you want to stick the branches. Now make a branch from M-seal and paste it on the white glue line. At the same time paste other small branches as well.


Paint the pasted tissue papers with black acrylic colour use flat brush to make the process fast.


I have used black Popsicle sticks which I coloured in advance to avoid the last minute efforts. Now paste them at the lower side of the bottle with the help of hot glue gun. 

How to paste??? 

Check in the picture given below.


Now the next step is pasting M-seal rose flowers around branches.

So for that let’s see the step by step procedure of making rose flowers with M-seal.

1. Text small portion of M-seal.

2. Place it on the tip of your finger and spread it with your thumb.

3. Take a brush, stick, pen refill and wrap the spreaded portion around any of it’s end.

4. Repeat step number 1, 2 and 3 for all the petals. Make sure smaller petals are inside and larger petals are outside.

5. Now hold the bottom of the brush, stick or pen refill and remove the bunch of petals with another hand.

6. After removing it close its end with your hand.

7. Let it dry for at least 12 hours.

8. Paste Roses and leaves with hot glue gun.


Colour the entire m-seal work with black acrylic paint. 

Wrap the golden lace around the bottle as given in the picture. Paste it with the help of white glue. Spread metallic bronze colour with your fingers on Popsicle sticks.


Apply golden acrylic colour on m-seal work.


And our beautiful antique bottle is ready to watch the procedure click on the links given below.

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