Handmade gifts are always the best way to show someone how special they are to us.
Few days back there was birthday of two of my very good friends. I really wanted to gift them something good and attractive.
So I opened google and hunt for an Idea. I didnt find anything convincing. Hence I turned to the
second option and that was THINK HARD.

There were three criterias,
1. The gift should be hand made.
2. It should be beautiful.
3. It shouldn’t be time consuming.(as at that time my baby was 1YO.)
That evening I requested my husband to come with me and help to find a good gift. First thing we found was a nursery in which we found amazing pots, frames and a vast variety of Home decors. I took 2 small but beautiful pots.
When my baby slept at night I pulled out my colour box. And painted these two beautiful pots. Ot took 30 mins to complete these two.

Both of my friends liked them. And it was fitting in my all criterias.
1. The gift should be hand made✔️
2. It should be beautiful✔️
3. It shouldn’t be time consuming✔️

Happy friends, happy me.

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