Its a dream of every artist to be proficient in every form. Every artist wishes to learn all the forms, techniques, tricks related to his art in order to be expert. We actually never think that an artist can actually have his own niche. For example if we consider every person who learns engineering is called as engineer. But a word that is called “specialist” parts all the engineers in their categories. So some are called as computer engineer, some are called civil engineer, and some are called mechanical engineer. Considering this example all are engineers but their niche are different. Just like that if we consider about artists some are great with pencils, some are great with colours some are good with pastels. Again if we narrow down the line it comes to the form of the painting, types of the colours.
Personally I like pencil sketching and portraits you can call it as my niche. I am yet to learn alot in this but yes I really enjoy making portrait with pencils. Its all right to be perfect in one format. Little knowledge of other formats doesn’t make you bad in something that you are great in. 
If you are great with canvas paintings, people will expect you to be perfect with rangoli, mehendi etc. Don’t let the fear of judgement affect your urge to learn what you really enjoy, dont let it be an influencer. You will still be called as an artist.
Find your niche by learning what you actually enjoy. Because its written, ” do what you love, love what you do”. 

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