Whenever I used to find chocolates and tobleron bars in our fridge, I immediately used to understand that someone has returned from abroad. And that was the concept of souvenir for me till my marriage. But collecting fridge magnets or other souvenirs like keychains or coffee mugs, could be actually so much fun; I learnt that later when my husband started visiting other countries, and it became my hobby.

Few years back when my husband returned from Japan, he brought many many gifts for his friends and our families, but still we couldn’t spare one fridge magnet for us. I was very very disappointed. I even search on Amazon to buy one but it was giving me the feel of cheating hence I was not convinced.

Few days later I found a pouch in our locker with full of coins of other countries. I ask my husband about it, so he told me that those were the spare coins those he couldn’t spend there. I thought I could make souvenirs, by using those coins, of the respective countries. For a few days I tried few ideas but still none of them was unique. One day an Idea poped in my mind. I Googled for “something special from Japan”. Few things were highlighted in those searches. The one I liked was “cherry blossom”. So I brought one small Canvas board and I made a painting of cherry blossom. Once the painting was ready, I pasted two japanese coins on the canvas and wrote “Japan” in english and in japanese. Then I pasted two small magnets at the back of the canvas. And there was my own handmade fridge magnet of JAPAN. It was unique and painting and a fridge magnet. You know how rare this combination is to find.

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