We always try to give our children what’s best for theme, till they don’t express themselves. But once they start expressing and demanding what they want, sometimes it becomes a challenge. Sometimes what they want is funny, sometimes it’s easy but sometimes it’s difficult. On our son’s first birthday we gifted him a big minion soft toy. Ever since then that toy becomes its favorite. Even Now when he goes to bed he wants that minion with him. Looking at his affection for the toy (Minion) we thought, on his second birthday the theme will be MINIONS. My son calls the Minion as MINU.

Before few days of his birthday, to increase his excitement we told him that we are going to get a big minion cake.

“No, I want Mickey mouse cake”.  He replied without wasting a single Moment.

Me and my husband were shocked as we were planning for minion theme. But we had no option as it was his choice for his birthday. We confirmed it many times by showing him photos of Mickey and Minion. Every time it was Mickey. We took his wish to our hearts and arranged everything accordingly.

Except “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner and number balloon I made everything. Best part of the theme was the chair which was looking like Mickey. Some Ideas I found on Google and some were mine. But my son was really very happy and excited as there was everything he wanted.

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